About us (Native)


What we do

Rocksolid Audio designs and builds custom midi controllers to complement your growing plugin collection. Our philosophy is to design and build robust, sturdy, and intuitive hardware that will help you mix and create with more feeling. It's why we called ourselves Rocksolid. We want our designs to last as long as the art you just created, which is pretty much forever.

How we do it

Our goal is Net Zero. We believe in making products as sustainably as possible, It might cost a bit more to do but it's well worth it. All our products are designed with as much sustainable material as possible. We will only ever deliver your product in packaging that can be recycled. we will constantly try to reduce plastic in our products and reduce our co2 footprint. From sourcing components locally to reducing waste packaging. It all adds up, and at the end, we want that number to be zero :)


from all the people who make Rocksolid Audio possible. Stay safe and happy mixing.