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Introducing Micro 3. The all rounder. Faster workflow, more intuitive mixing. This controller has a more generic layout to fit a wider range of uses.

  • 18 push switch encoders
  • 5 momentary switches
  • USB-C connectivity (USB2 backwards compatible)
  • Triple function encoders
  • Control any plugin
  • Solid walnut with lazer engraved detailing
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the all rounder


focused, adaptable, no nonsense.

Introducing the Micro3. A plugin controller with a more generic look and feel specifically designed to be the all rounder in your hardware arsenal. Packed into this micro footprint are 18 rotary encoders, 23 momentary switches, solid walnut laser engraved detailing and a usb type-c port. Its unique triple function encoder design allows for up to 36 simultaneous encoder mappings

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triple function encoders


The micro3 has 18 Triple function encoders allowing for a lot of options. We have spent a lot of time finding the perfect encoder and we feel these ones are spot on. The perfect amount of torque to give you the exact feeling of a real analog console. So when you do reach out and start turning it will reflect exactly what you are doing.

push + turn

Unique to the micro3 are its triple function encoders. We have added an extra functionality to the micro3 that adds even more flexibility. You can map an encoder by turning or by pushing and turning at the same time. This means each encoder can have 2 encoders mapped to it.


Each encoder has a built in momentary switch allowing for 3 functions per encoder. This is perfect for mapping default values for quick resetting or get more creative and map a specific encoder value and get some super fast automation. As well as interesting encoder mapping abilities, you can also map the encoders momentary switch to any regular switch element.

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3 control modes

mouse mode

Turn your controller into a specialized mouse. your Micro3 will take control of your mouse. point and click mapping. Ultimate versatility, complete backwards compatibility with your old sessions.

host mode

Our brand new control system. Load your plugin inside our host and instantly you have access to full mapping capabilities. Mix by simply selecting channels. A virtual screen means you never have to look away from your screen and intelligent syncing means you always have the correct plugin selected.

midi mode

Use your Micro3 as a standard midi controller. If you're fortunate enough to have an audio production programme that allows for this you can take full advantage and map using relative or absolute values and store presets right inside control hub.

micro connectivity

o usb type-c connecter

o usb type-a to type-c cable incl

o usb 2 compatible

software options

Rocksolid Audio controllers are designed to work in tandem with our software. take your pick.

control hub

Control Hub consists of 2 modes. Mouse Mode and Midi Mode. Control Hub is our current release software. You can find out more information including system compatibility by following the link below

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ra control

Ra Control consists of 2 modes. Host Mode and Mouse Mode. Ra Control is our brand new control system software and is currently in public beta. You can find out more information including system compatibility by following the link below

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